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Puerto Rico Police, La Policia De Puerto Rico at
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About Puerto Rico Police, La Policia De Puerto Rico at

The Puerto Rico Police Department (Policía de Puerto Rico) is the main police force for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado De Puerto Rico). The department has jurisdiction everywhere within the geographical area of Puerto Rico including the main island and the islands of Vieques, Culebra and Mona. Even though many cities maintain their own police force, Puerto Rico Police is the main police department, and is the agency who responds to all 911 calls. The department has approximately 18,000 sworn officers.

The department was created to protect life and property, enforce laws, prevent and investigate crime, keep peace and to assist all residents and visitors of Puerto Rico. The department has it's own police academy and it's officers are professional trained.

As of July 2011, The new Chief of Police is Emilio Diaz Colon.

The Emergency Phone Number for Puerto Rico Police is 911.

The headquarters are located in the Cuartel General (General Stationhouse) at 101 Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue in the Hato Rey section of San Juan.

Puerto Rico Police generally have a high presence in the tourist areas and can often been seen patrolling on foot, vehicle, boat and in helicopter.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has jurisdiction in the country and provides help in criminal investigations such as bank robbery and kidnapping.


The P.R. Police Department is attached to the Public Safety Commission and has the following offices:

  • Federal Service Office
  • Legal Services Office
  • Public Communications Office
  • Joint Task Force Office
  • United Rapid Action Forces Office (FURA)
  • Safety and Protections Office
  • Telephone Office
  • Office of the Detection of Controlled Substances in Employees
  • Assistant Superintendent of General Services
  • Assistant Superintendent of Public Protection and Safety Commission
  • Assistant Superintendent of Education and Training
  • Assistant Superintendent Inspector General
  • Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Investigations and Disciplinary Affairs
  • Assistant Superintendent of Criminal Investigations
  • Assistant Superintendent of Field Operations
  • Assistant Superintendent of Volunteer Programs


The Puerto Rico Police Department is composed of eleven (12) Regional Headquarters located in the following Municipalities:

  • Aguadilla
  • Arecibo
  • Bayamón
  • Caguas
  • Carolina
  • Fajardo
  • Guayama
  • Humacao
  • Mayagüez
  • Ponce
  • San Juan
  • Utuado


The Puerto Rico Police Department has the following programs:

  • Criminal Justice College
  • Quality of Life Congress
  • Transit Control and Safety
  • General Management and Administration
  • United Rapid Action Forces
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Human and Fiscal Resources
  • Community Relations
  • Professional and Scientific Operations Assistant Services
  • 9-1-1 Emergency Service
  • Guard and Safety Services to the Governor and Ex-Governors
  • Police Patrol
  • Patrolling and Safety in Public Housing Projects
  • Weapons and Drug Free School Zones

For information on crime in Puerto Rico, click here. For a list of Emergency and Governmental phone numbers in Puerto Rico, click here.

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